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Head Office got a new popcorn machine

MRWED are gearing up for the National VET Conference in Brisbane with the purchase of a popcorn machine. MRWED Client Engagement Representative Micaela McNamara said that “we intend to appeal to the olfactory senses of the delegates at this year’s event”.  “We like to do interesting and quirky things and this year we thought we would go with a cooking theme to complement Marc’s session 12 recipes for learning engagement success”, she said.

Getting recognition with FAA in Malaysia

MRWED CEO, Marc Ratcliffe returned to Malaysia this week. In addition to signing a new contact with local partners CeDR corporate consulting, he found time to deliver a two-day workshop for the Financial Accreditation Agency (FAA) on RPL.

A night at the museum – MRWED’s End of Financial Year Function

MRWED celebrated 12 months of success at its annual End of Financial Year Function, held at the Queensland Museum in Brisbane. A great night was had by all.

MRWED CEO, Marc Ratcliffe even revealed his new theme for the year in song! We all look forward to another big year for the business. Congratulations to all the winners of our internal awards.

LLN Workshop kicks off in Brisbane

MRWED kicked off its first Language, Literacy and Numeracy Workshop in Brisbane today. This workshop provided participants with the underpinning knowledge and resources to develop and strengthen their skills in addressing the LLN needs in their own training environments.

We received really positive feedback from our initial participants and are excited about the future of this important program for both our industry and for VET practitioners.