Welcome to MRWED Webinars! We have taken the fun and engagement that we create in the classroom and focused it into a series of interactive webinars based on key Vocational Education and Training topics. These webinars provide bite-sized professional development opportunities for the busy VET professional and some additional content to support our students in their studies at MRWED.

MRWED presently offers the following types of webinars:

MRWED uses GotoTraining by Citrix as our webinar platform. You can access each webinar from your web browser or via a downloadable app on your smart phone or tablet. Please review the following system requirements here to choose the best device to join the webinar:

VET in Action Webinar Series

These highly engaging sessions are $55 per webinar and feature topics aimed to assist trainers, assessors and registered training organisations to improve or extend their practices. Each session is linked to specific clauses from the Standards for RTOs 2015 and are geared towards helping practitioners to meet ongoing professional development commitments. In addition to this, each webinar includes tips, tools, strategies and templates to support implementation back on the job. These sessions are typically 60 minutes in duration.

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All registrants will receive a statement of attendance in electronic form. This will be emailed within 48 hours of the webinar conclusion.